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Damien Zielinski, CNP, FND, CFMP

Hi! My name is Damien.

After running a successful but stressful retail business for 7 years, I decided to make a complete career change, focusing on nutrition and total health. I was inspired to make this total 180 degree shift after seeing for myself just how effective holistic modalities were in completely curing my own chronic fatigue and major depressive disorder.

Now I live my obsession with health and natural healing day-to-day. I have realized that even holistic nutritionists are often not up to the task of getting to the root of complex health conditions. This is why I have gone further and further down the road through functional medicine, which brings natural healing modalities into the 21st century with the combination of time-honoured healing modalities and cutting-edge lab testing, all clinically backed by peer-reviewed studies and indisputable science.  

In addition to the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine University and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, I have also completed programs specific to mental health, including Depression with James Greenblatt and Nutrition and Mental Health with Paul Demeda. I have helped clients through depression, IBS, allergies, Crohn’s disease (IBD), eczema, and more, while helping each to find a diet optimal for their own unique constitution. 

With every client, course, and year of clinical experience, my practice is more informed, and my careful, precise modalities of assessment and intervention are ever-sharpened.


A central philosophy of my practice is bio-individuality. This is simply the concept that everyone is different and unique! What works wonders for someone else will do nothing for you, and vice versa. The biggest problem with fad diets, generic detox programs, or cookie cutter health solutions, is that they are meant to work for everyone. Nothing can do that! Instead, a real health detective works to get to the bottom of your particular physiology, pathology, symptomology and nutrient needs. The result is a truly dynamic healthcare collaboration, and a customized protocol developed from scratch just for YOU and no one else!

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