How It Works

Simple & Quick

3-Month Functional Nutrition Program

Step 1
Comprehensive intake and serious in-depth review of your history, symptoms, current diet and health goals.

Step 2
Initial 90 minute consultation, completing the picture of your present status, filling in the blanks of the intake documentation, meeting face-to-face (over Skype), answering any questions, and mapping a route forward. My clients have been blown away by the amount of personally relevant insight, cutting edge health science, and education comes through in this consultation. The best part is that by the time we have the consultation, I will have already spent hours reviewing your intake, researching the latest science and clinical studies on the nuances of your condition(s), and mapping a way out of it. This means that we don’t waste any time. During the consultation I will also make including recommendations for functional lab testing that may help us get to the bottom of your situation.
Step 3
Within 24 hours of the initial consultation you receive your in-depth, fully customized and 100% personally tailored 3-month protocol, complete with evidence-based recommendations for stress reduction, exercise, and a full strategic supplement plan, with coordination for delivery right to your home. Beyond simple dietary suggestions, I provide a fully customized meal plan with a shopping list and 7-day recipe plan just for you. If you are a vegan, but you also eat bacon, you’re allergic to sesame, and you don’t like avocados, you have IBS, and you won’t spend more than 30 minutes making a meal, and you have to cook for your kid as well… guess what: I have your whole week mapped out! If we have planned to run lab testing, I make the necessary arrangements so the lab test kits are sent directly to your home!

Step 4
On top of all of this, I provide a long-term road map to health, looking beyond 3 months, considering ways to dive deeper into your health, steps to rebuild and rebalance organ systems step by step, and more. 

Step 5
One month into the program, we have a follow-up consultation to make sure all is going well, offer support, and make tweaks or amendments if need be. We also go over any lab results that have come in, and update or change your protocol to address what we found! 
Throughout the 3 months, I’m your nutritionist! I make myself fully available to you for email support, answering any questions that arise.

Cost: $700 CDN

Lab testing and supplements are not included in my fee. Lab fees are paid directly to labs—I don’t markup the tests! This is a HUGE money saver. Supplements are also competitively priced and strategically sourced for quality and cost-effectiveness.

I operate independently from all manufacturers to maintain objectivity and true client focus. All lab kits and supplements are coordinated for home delivery for maximum convenience.


Deep Wellness Program

Length: 6 Months

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All consultations are done online over Skype or Video Chat. You can schedule your FREE consultation below.

All Protocols, Meal Planning, Health Recommendations and important notes are emailed to you directly.

All Lab Test Kits & Supplements are sent right to your door. You literally don't have to leave your house!

Free Initial 30-min

Online Consultation

Find out, 100% commitment-free, if we can do some great things together! I'm interested in dramatic results ONLY, so I won't waste your time if I don't think we can achieve them.

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After the initial online consultation, we develop a customized protocol, and then coordinate functional lab testing to go even deeper—which will help us improve your customized protocol.


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