My streamlined 21st century clinic offers a carefully planned and individually tailored program to rebuild and optimize health. Take a look to see how it works, and act on my offer for a free 30-minute discovery call! What do you have to lose?


This program is designed to offer incredible value and substance to everyone. My practice is 100% tailored to the bio-individuality of each client, but without establishing the critical foundations of mineral balance, electrolyte status, and identifying toxic metals and reactive foods, this can be an uphill battle to say the least. I also strongly recommend working with a family doctor to obtain routine bloodwork, which becomes another piece of the intake for consideration and planning. Copper toxicity, candida infection, mineral imbalances, and food sensitivities can absolutely contribute to (or even cause) mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, so assessing these factors right away gets us off to a running start.

Program Includes:

  • 1x Health History Intake
  • 1x Nutritional Assessment
  • 1x In-depth Symptomatology Questionnaire (approx. 15-20 minutes)
  • Mineral Balance and Toxic Metals Overview:
    1x Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: a non-invasive and evidence-backed look at overall balance of essential minerals and toxic metals in the body.
  • Total IgG food sensitivity panel:
    1x FoodMAP showing food sensitivity to 190 common foods as well as yeast and candida albicans.
  • 7x biweekly 60-minute Zoom consultations:
    1.  Initial Consultation: Intake Impressions and Nutrition Fundamentals (Diets and Food)
    2.  HTMA Results and Recommendations
    3.  Digestion and Gut Integrity
  • 4. Gluten 101
  • 5. Stress 101
  • 6. Qigong Foundations
  • 7. Healing Psychology

(Each consultation also provides the opportunity to follow up on progress and ask any potential questions the client may have)

  • Personalized Meal Plan for YOUR immune system
  • Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplement Protocol
  • Supplement Coordination
  • Unlimited Email Support

After the first 3 month program is completed, optional renewal fee is $500 which includes HTMA retest, results review and recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, biweekly follow-up consultations, and 3 months of email support.


Any additional testing can be added for $200 CAD extra, with the lab test fees being paid directly to the lab. This additional fee includes lab test coordination and kit delivery to your door, results interpretation, 60-minute review and recommendation session, and supplement coordination.


Deep Wellness Program

Length: 6 Months

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All Protocols, Meal Planning, Health Recommendations and important notes are emailed to you directly.

All Lab Test Kits & Supplements are sent right to your door. You literally don't have to leave your house!

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After the initial online consultation, we develop a customized protocol, and then coordinate functional lab testing to go even deeper—which will help us improve your customized protocol.


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