Functional Medicine is, essentially, Holistic Nutrition taken into the 21st century!
The reality is that modern times have brought us modern health challenges. Of all the clients I have seen in my practice, I don’t think a single one of them presented with just one issue. Instead, it is now completely common to see digestive difficulties alongside hormonal imbalances, skin problems, adrenal fatigue AND mental health challenges, all in the same client! It might seem a little sad to say it, but this is actually the new normal.

If the stress of working our butts off in the city, the constant onslaught of environmental toxins bombarding our system, and the declining quality of food weren’t enough, we are also exposed to a dizzying maze of nutrition info, with conflicting information thrown at us left, right and center. The result of this maelstrom, basically, is that we don’t feel good, and we don’t know how to eat!

Enter the clinical holistic nutritionist as 21st century health detective: armed with state-of-the-art functional lab tests, the truth is tenaciously ferreted out. The result is hugely empowering as together, we get to the bottom of YOUR exact situation in order to make a completely customized, evidence-based protocol from scratch, with scientifically proven natural strategies.

Conventional medicine frequently plays the game of using medication to mask symptoms. Functional nutrition, in contrast, uses sophisticated laboratory technology to find the root cause of the condition (or conditions), in order to map out a plan of action for, ideally, total resolution of the problem. When this approach works, which is often, it can bring about dramatic revolutions in well-being. Stop managing symptoms and start resolving them, once and for all!

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